Witch’s Legs Cupcakes

Look who has fallen off her broomstick!

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Place a pair of stripy witch’s leg toppers on fruity cupcakes for an amusing Halloween treat. You can make the legs and shoes a couple of days in advance and let them dry, if you prefer.

You will need:

  • 12 cupcakes of your choice (we would suggest lemon and blueberry) baked in paper cases
  • 180g black sugarpaste
  • 120g yellow sugarpaste
  • White vegetable fat
  • 12 pieces pieces of raw dried spaghetti
  • Edible glue
  • 750g purple buttercream
  • Equipment:

Cling film

  • Non-stick work board and small rolling pin
  • Medium paintbrush
  • Small sharp knife
  • Plastic piping bag
  • Large open star nozzle

Step-by-Step Witch’s Legs Cupcakes

1. To make the legs, knead black and yellow sugarpaste until soft. Break off 80g black sugarpaste for the boots, and 20g yellow sugarpaste for the buckles. Wrap in cling film and set aside. Divide the remaining sugarpaste into 12 equal parts for the legs. Use two pieces at a time, and wrap the rest in cling film to prevent it from drying out.

2. Grease a non-stick board with white vegetable fat, and roll each piece of sugarpaste into a ‘sausage’, 14cm long. Using a medium paintbrush, dampen a piece of spaghetti, then, holding the two colours together, wrap them around the spaghetti to form a spiral.

3. Flatten the rounded edges by rolling and twisting the paste to seal and tighten the spiral; repeat as necessary. Using a small knife, cut the spiral in half to make two legs, cutting right through the spaghetti.

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4. Cut away about 3cm of the spiral at one end of each leg to leave the spaghetti sticking out (to help insert the legs later).

5. Form the sugarpaste spiral at the other end of each leg into a point by gently rolling on your work board. This is the end that the boot will be attached to. Repeat to make 12 pairs of legs in total.

6. For the witch’s boots, knead most of the reserved black sugarpaste until soft and malleable. Divide into 12 pieces; keep one piece out and wrap the rest in cling film. Cut the sugarpaste in half, then roll one half into a ball, then shape it into a cone.

7. Using the sharp knife, cut a V-shape out of the thick end of the cone, about halfway up. Cut the point off the ‘V’ to form the flat base of the heel. Curl the thin end up to form the curly toes.

8. At the heel end, cut another shallow ‘V’ to form the neck of the boot and pinch to flatten. Repeat with the other piece of black sugarpaste to make the second boot. Make 12 pairs of boots in total.

9. Paint a little edible glue into the ‘V’ of the neck of one boot. Take one of the legs, then push the short end of the spaghetti into the neck and towards the heel. Gently ease the sugarpaste around the leg to form the top of the boot. Repeat with the other leg. Make 12 pairs of legs in total.

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10. To make the buckles, roll out the remaining black sugarpaste to 2mm thick. Cut out 24 squares, measuring roughly 5mm each. Roll out the reserved yellow sugarpaste. Place one of the black squares on the yellow sugarpaste. Place one of the black squares on the yellow sugarpaste, and secure with edible glue. Trim around it to form a yellow border. Repeat for all the buckles.

11. Attach a buckle to the front of each shoe using edible glue. Leave the legs to dry for eight hours.

12. Using a plastic piping bag fitted with a large open star nozzle, and filled with purple buttercream, pipe a swirl over each cupcake, starting at the edge and piping into the centre.

13. Take one pair of legs and push the long pieces of spaghetti through the buttercream and into the cupcake. Repeat to decorate all 12 cupcakes.

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