When you craft too much


When you love to craft it doesn’t take long to create a collection, sometimes a collection turns into a very large collection. Before long, you can’t open a cupboard or drawer without your craft spilling out everywhere. So what do you do with your beautiful craft pieces? Do you stop making new pieces? Do you start throwing pieces away? Giving pieces away? Why don’t you start selling your craft? It’s the perfect way to make some money for your supplies and it’s brilliant fun creating an identity for your own special brand.

Here are a few guidelines to help you down the road of craft selling:

1// Find your ‘thing’: Even if you only craft 1 thing, even if it is the tiniest thing, make it your thing and do it really well. If you are the best at crafting placemats then that’s what your shop should sell. Do you make an amazing hat? Then maybe that’s your thing. Find your thing and then mix it up: make it in every colour, mix colours, change the pattern slightly or make additions. Whatever you do make sure you make it well!

2// Get your price right: Figure out how long each item takes to make, how much the materials cost to buy and how much ‘profit’ you would be happy to make. Make sure you do some research, take a look at what other people and shops are selling their items for to make sure you don’t over or under sell!

3// Find your platform: Where are you going to sell your items? Take a look at starting your own store, or you could look to start selling through something like Etsy, eBay or any of the other selling platforms. Do some research and take your brand and ideal customer into consideration. Also, it’s important to note that different platforms take different fees from sellers so do your research so that you don’t end up with a shock!

Selling your craft can be great fun and a brilliant solution/excuse to make more wonderful things.

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