Welcome to September!


Welcome to September crafty crew! This is the first month that we are officially teaming up with the brilliant Something Sweet team so if you like sweet treats then this is the month for you. As usual we are going to be taking you through the latest craft trends and projects for you to get excited about and try out yourselves, but here are a few of the best bits we have coming up for the month.


  • We are going to be reintroducing the lovely Simple Stylish Makes team so that you know who does what and when we all post. If you prefer a certain member of our team’s writing or craft style then you will know exactly when to look out for their pieces!
  • We are going to be justifying our existence a little bit this month, with articles on everything from why we think you should take up knitting to why we think partworks are a brilliant way to learn craft projects.
  • We will be bringing you the best colours and trends to incorporate into your craft projects this month. As well as our favourite craft projects from around the web for you to try out for yourself.


So September is going to be an exciting one for everyone, whether you’re a baker, a maker, a knitter or a shaker ☺.

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