Ways to use cinnamon sticks


I always think a pot of cinnamon sticks look so inviting and their natural curl and feel makes me want to use them in my crafts, with an added bonus of smelling great. Here are five ideas to get your started and some of these would make great handmade gifts too!

  • Add a whole cinnamon stick to your hot drinks. From herbal teas to hot chocolates, not only will these look great, but they will also add an extra layer of flavour to your beverage.
  • Glue a border of cinnamon sticks around a plain glass candleholder for a super simple, but effective rustic decoration for your home. As well as looking great, the smell will leave the room feeling fresh and fragrant.
  • Arrange a selection of sticks and attach them together to form a triangle (three sticks) or a star (five sticks) for an easy, lovely smelling decoration for your Christmas tree or hang from a nail on your wall all year round. You can decorate with glitter as a fun project to do with your kids.
  • Mix a handful of sticks in with some dried flowers to add an extra dimension to the scent and a bit of a rustic feel to your décor. You could even go one step further and hatch them together to create a vessel for your potpourri.
  • Glue down a batch of cinnamon sticks around a simple photo frame or plain mirror to give it an instant face-lift that smells great too!


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