Washi Tape Christmas Tree

I love traditional Christmas trees; the look authentic (because they are), they smell divine and they put the cherry on top of Christmas. But space is always an issue, Christmas trees also require a lot of time, patience and (unfortunately) money.

Luckily, thanks to the brilliant invention of Washi Tape, there is an alternative! This Japanese stationary tape is used to decorate just about everything and the fact that it comes off of any surface without damaging it has made it a favourite for festive wall decals.

So pick up a few different festive patterns and experiment with shapes, tapes and sizes to create a whole forest of eco-friendly Christmas trees!

I would absolutely love to see any alternative Christmas trees you guys are trying at the moment – washi tape or not – so please please tag us in your festive pics using the hashtag #simplestylishmakers for Instagram and Twitter and by commenting on our Facebook page or directly below this post!

And … Christmas is just 11 days away!! (Getting super excited now!!)

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