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As the weather warms up, we’re all going to start thinking about BBQs soon: marinated chicken, delicious burgers, and sizzling sausages. But what if you fancy something a little less … meaty? In the past being vegetarian or wanting veggie food has meant that you’ve been uninvited to BBQs, haven’t been able to host them yourself or just sitting down to a bowl of mediocre salad while your friends and family chow down on the good stuff. Well that’s all about to change – we have the roundup of the six best veggie BBQ options (and none of it is fake meat) for your summer BBQs right here, right now!!

  1. Courgette and halloumi skewers – In this recipe, the cheese is marinated in mint, lemon and olive oil and the results look and taste amazing. You might have to fight to keep them away from your friends and family but these BBQ skewers will be worth the fight. Make sure you make enough for everyone! Recipe here.
  2. Mexican street corn – This recipe is actually one of my family’s favorites and we aren’t vegetarian. These spicy sweet corns are absolutely amazing and mouth tingling and all you need is corn, spice, cheese and lime! The recipe attached is a little more upmarket than the ones we usually make but you can customize to your heart’s content! Recipe here
  3. Aubergine, pepper and feta parcels – Is everyone at your BBQ going to be chowing down on burgers? Are you secretly going to be just a pinch jealous? Then try these amazing Aubergine, pepper and feta parcels! There is a little seasoning to jazz it up a bit but these three flavors together are really something special. Recipe here
  4. Stuffed peppers with ricotta and mascarpone – Fancy something really special? Then you have to try these stuffed peppers, nothing compares to the gooey sweetness of these flavors together! And because it’s an Ottolenghi recipe, you will look very impressive bringing these out at your next BBQ! Recipe here.
  5. Balsamic and garlic glazed mushrooms – Take it from me, there is nothing in this world more delicious than the combination of balsamic and mushrooms! A personal favorite, these guys are usually enjoyed on toast in our house but feel free to add them to any BBQ as a side dish or the main event! Recipe here.
  6. Beetroot and feta burgers – If you fancy something a bit more BBQ traditional then this is the recipe for you. These burgers don’t just taste the part, they look it too! Recipe here.

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