If extravagant Valentines gestures aren’t you’re thing, this post is for you! I see Valentines as a sentimental day to show the people you care about how awesome they are. Your friends, family and loved ones should all be on the list and these ideas are not just limited to other halves. You needn’t spend a fortune to be thoughtful and kind, so here are my easy ideas to make Valentines day special for someone.


Breakfast in bed

Grab a tray and add some flowers in a jar (fake is fine!). Knock up some eggs on toast and a cup of tea. Add a sweet napkin and write a card to say why you care about them. Wake them gently with your surprise!


Reasons they’re awesome

Take some strips of paper and write down all the reasons your loved one is awesome. For a bestie this might be “you always listen to my stories” or “brunch dates with you are the best”. Fold each one and add them to a jam jar with a gift tag. Encourage them to pick a reason they are awesome from the jar when they need a pick me up!


Movie night kit

Fill a hamper with all the things you need for a movie night in. Pick up their favourite DVD, some popcorn, hot chocolate and cosy socks. Set a date to take your kit over and enjoy the film together!


Bake some treats

Take a look at our recipe archive and why not bake some sweet treats! Macarons and cookies are perfect for Valentines and look professional when you find some gift boxes or cute decorations to add too.

We would love to hear your ideas for Valentines gifts!

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