Using Lifelines in Knitting


All too often, I make a mistake in a knitting project and I end up ripping rows and rows back feeling frustrated that it hasn’t gone right. Even though I have been knitting for years and years, I didn’t learn about adding a lifeline to a project until a couple of years ago!

A lifeline will act as a security net for your knitting and is a piece of yarn which is threaded through your work to hold the stitches on a particular row. If then you make a mistake in your knitting, you only need to pull your knitting back to your lifeline where the stitches will all be held.

So how do you add a lifeline I hear you ask?! Take a long length of contrasting yarn and using a darning needle, thread it through all the stitches of the current row and leave there. Continue knitting as usual! Then if you were to make a mistake at any point, you can pull your knitting back just to that row and pop your needle back through the stitches.

I recommend putting in a lifeline when the pattern changes or if you have a particularly tricky section of a pattern. You can never have too many!


Do you have any knitting tricks and hints you can share with the team? We’d love to hear them!

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