Trends: Floral Fashion Inspiration

When people ask me what inspires my creative projects, I usually can’t pinpoint one thing. There are many environments and objects that I take inspiration from, as well as interacting with fellow creatives and seeing what they create. However, One of my favourite ways to stay inspired is to get outdoors and enjoy nature – there’s nothing like a long walk to get the creative juices flowing!


Living in Cambridge UK, we are spoiled for green space and floral inspiration. The Spring blossoms and Summer flowers provide a ton of colour inspiration! I recently attended a local photowalk where we snapped images of meadow filled flowers and tourist spots and I felt so inspired afterwards. One of the things I noticed is that many of the group were wearing floral fashion designs which also got me thinking about how I could incorporate flowers into the items I wear or create. DIY versions of course!


One photowalker was wearing some amazing floral sneakers. Even though they can be purchased from a retailer, I think it could be fun to make a DIY version using an embroidered patch perhaps. You could even go one step further and embroider your own floral design onto a canvas sneaker. The bright floral colours on white shoes look really striking I think.


Floral handbags were also a popular choice in the group and I admired a Kate Spade leather bag with large, bold flowers printed on it. I recently discovered leather paint and think that this could be a great project to try if you enjoy painting florals! Or perhaps even watercolours to create a pretty tote bag! I always look in charity shops for second hand bags as you can often find good quality leather there for a lower price. Avoiding a brand new bag might be a better choice if you are painting a bag for the first time.

Another fashion favourite of mine is the flower crown, especially for the spring and summer months. Using floral wire, silk faux flowers and a hot glue gun, you can have a pretty piece of festival head wear in no time. You can add some lace tassels and embellishments too!

What are you favourite fashion items that inspired by florals?

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