Tips for crafting on holiday

Crafting-on Holiday

When I go away on holiday, I always like to take a craft project or two with me. Crafting for me is a relaxing activity (unless it’s a complex sewing pattern!) so it fits perfectly with holidays for a bit of time out from day-to-day life.

Once I took a long haul flight to Canada and the inflight entertainment system failed. I was so relieved to have some crochet in my bag so I could keep myself occupied for 10 hours!! It started lots of conversations with fellow passengers too.

Knitting-on Holiday


So, here are my tips for crafting on holiday:

  • Take small projects which are easily portable. I favour crochet, knitting, cross stitch and colouring in.
  • Pack yarn and threads in draw string or zip lock bags to keep them free of sand, dirt or leaking drinks in your bag.
  • Take some hand wipes in your bag to clean any sun lotions or sticky ice cream hands before crafting (is it just me that has an ice cream a day on holiday?!).
  • If flying, check with the airline as to what supplies you can take on board. Some airlines will allow small scissors under a certain blade size and some will have a strict policy against knitting needles on board.
  • Make sure the projects only require a few supplies (i.e. don’t take a cross stitch which requires a huge amount of threads!) so they are easy to transport and don’t empty your craft room of all kinds of tools.
  • If you forget supplies, take an opportunity to explore local habberdasheries or stores in the holiday spots. I frequent Michael’s craft store when I go to North America and I adore lace shops in Cyprus. You might even be in the UK countryside where you can find independent wool shops.

Happy Crafting!

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