Thrifty Friday … Wrapping Prezzies with Newspaper


With Christmas closing in on us rapidly and some shops already stocking cards, wrapping paper and gift ideas we thought that in our first look at thrifty Friday craft ideas we would turn our attention to one great way to save money at Christmas.

It may sound cheap but done the right way wrapping with newspaper can come off as not only a thoughtful way to personalise a gift but actually a really lovely looking way to present a gift that will have all your relatives jealous of your idea.

Now thinking outside the box a little with the paper itself, look out for an international newsagent that would stock newspapers from around the world.

A few ideas that we here at Simple Stylish Makes loves –

  • The French paper le monde for its stylish designer ads, ideal for wrapping up clothes for a stylish cousin
  • The wall street journal for its financial charts to wrap the book you brought for your uncle that works in the city
  • The Asahi Shinbum from japan for the beautiful writing, ideal for your designed loving sister.
  • And try to find Italy’s la Gazzetta Dello sport for any sport mad male member of your family, We found that this goes down as well with your 5 year old nephew as it would with your football mad grandpa.

Another way to jazz up wrapping with newspaper and to stay thrifty is to use regular good old fashioned local papers and find ad’s that match the present recipients tastes and use Washi Tape instead of the usual sellotape.

Lastly if you just wanted to use regular local papers and sellotape try using parcel string to wrap your parcel to jazz up its presentation and even try to tie in some holly from the garden or any other wonderful winter flowers that you can find.

We will be making our own DIY Christmas centre pieces in the second part of our special Christmas thrifty Friday – you can use  the extra flowers from this on your prezzies!

If you want to have a go at this early or have a loved ones birthday coming up please share your attempts with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #simplstylishmakers. Let us know anything that you think we should tackle in our Thrifty Friday series and we will certainly find a way to save you money with a couple of amazing ideas. Check back on the 3rd Friday of every month to find more money saving ideas!

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