Things to do while crafting: Podcasts


True crime is one of our favorite things, you only have to see the success of shows like The People vs. OJ Simpson and Making A Murderer to know that we have a slight obsession with this genre. But the problem with these shows is that they are SHOWS and that means that you have to watch them – sometimes tricky to do when you are trying to concentrate on your latest craft project, stitch or piece. So it’s with open arms that we welcome audio-only podcasts to the true crime genre.

You’ve probably heard of Serial, a podcast which explored a decade-old case that had been solved years before the podcast even began. The world loved Serial and before you knew it, there were hundreds of true crime podcasts popping up. So here is your guide to our favorite true crime podcasts to get you through your crafts!

S-Town – This American Life producer Brian Reed receives an interesting email from a man in S*** Town Alabama. The man claims that his town’s police force is covering up sexual abuse and a brutal murder. Reed follows up on the man’s email and gets pulled into the man’s conspiracy theories and terrifying theories. Reed goes to S*** Town to investigate but the story soon spirals out of control.

Up And Vanished – Georgia’s oldest cold case is the disappearance of Tara Grinstead – a southern beauty queen. Each episode of this podcast explores a different possible angle of this cold case. This podcast has an unfinished, unvarnished feel to it and the effect is both nail-biting and ever intriguing.

Casefile – A popular true crime podcast where each episode details a different case. An anonymous host will tell you each story and if you like that the devil is in the details then you will love this podcast.

Sword And Scale – If you like to get in to your podcasts, then this is the one for you. Sword and Scale is an immersive experience with sound effects and atmospheric edits that will spook you all the way through. Each episode is a different type of crime with experts offering terrifying details.

Jinx – An investigation into the goings on of organised crime in Rhode Island. The series is created by the creators of HBO’s The Jinx. This podcast is extremely deep and spooky and probably best for when you have a craft that you know how to do!




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