The Gift of Cookies

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For some cake decorators, icing cookies is more than a hobby, it’s a specialist area and serious business in its own right. In recent years, cookies-by-post and ordering iced cookies online have seen a steady growth. If well-packed, boxed cookies survive the postal system well, so can be delivered to a wider area than cupcakes. They’re also relatively easy to theme, make a fantastic visual impact and, thanks to the crisp sweetness of royal icing, taste wonderful, too. These Cupcake Cookies use a number of the key skills you’ve already mastered and they work brilliantly as a beautifully boxed gift.


You will need


  • 12 SUGAR COOKIES (See Issue 1, Essential Recipe, Page 6)
  • 250g white soft peak royal icing
  • 2 food colours: pink, bright blue
  • Water


  • Your Cupcake Cutter
  • 3 mixing bowls and spoons
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Damp cloths
  • 7 small piping bags
  • Scissors
  • Round Nozzle

Step-by-Step Cupcake Cookies

1. Divide your white soft peak icing equally into three separate bowls
and, using cocktail sticks to dab in colour, tint one bowl in pink and the other in bright blue. Leave the remaining bowl white. Place clean, damp cloths over the white and blue bowls for now.

2. Spoon pink soft peak icing into a small piping bag and snip off the end – test the hole you’ve made is the right size on your work surface. If it’s too small, your outline won’t form a good enough barrier for the flood icing. If it’s too large, the outline won’t look as professional. If you prefer, use your Round Nozzle from Issue

3. Holding a cookie steady, outline the cake part of the cupcake with pink icing. Start at the bottom edge (near the top of the cupcake case) and follow the outline of the cake. Along the bottom edge of the cake, pipe a curved line. Touch the tip of the bag down where you began outlining. Outline the top of a further five cookies in pink.

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4. Half fill a second piping bag with white icing and snip off the end. Now outline the case part of the same cookie, using the straight edges as your guide. Do this on all six cookies with pink outlined tops.

5. Using the same white icing, outline the cake part of your remaining six cookies and put them and the bag to one side.

6. Add a few drops of water to your bowl of pink icing to achieve a runnier consistency, and spoon it into a fresh piping bag. Now flood inside the pink outline of all six cookies, starting near the edge and working your way into the centre of each one. (Also flood your white outlined cupcake tops in white and put the bag to one side.)

7. Allow the pink flooding to crust over a little, then take your bag of soft peak pink icing and overpipe a swirl on top of each pink cookie. Start in the centre of the top half of the icing and, using gentle, even pressure on the bag, work your way around and out. When the swirl part is complete, overpipe an outline around the bottom half of the pink icing, too – using the shape of the cookie as your guide. Do this on all six pink cookies, and also do it in white on your six white-topped cookies.

8. Before progressing with this particular cookie design, spoon blue soft peak icing into a piping bag and outline the case part of the remaining six cookies in blue (those with white outlines on top). Put the bag to one side and water down the remaining blue icing to a runny consistency. Spoon this into a separate bag, ready for Step 10.

9. Take your bag of white flood icing from Step 6 and flood inside the white outlined cupcake case of six of your cookies, working from the outside in to fill it in. Turn the page to continue.

10. Working quickly so that the white icing doesn’t crust over, take your bag of blue flood icing and squeeze it gently to drop a blue polka dot in the white icing. Drop in several blue polka dots. Repeat to decorate your remaining five cookies – flood them in white, then drop in blue dots.

11. Allow the icing to crust over, then using soft peak white icing (not runny), overpipe several white lines on the case, running vertically from the top and stopping just short of the bottom.

12. Do the same with the six cookies with blue outlined cases – first, flood inside the blue outlines with runny blue icing and while the icing is still wet, drop in pink polka dots. Finish by overpiping blue vertical stripes onto each case.

13. To add a finishing touch to all 12 cookies, colour your remaining soft peak pink icing in a deeper pink and spoon it into a small bag with the end snipped off. Now pipe a large dot on top of each of the 12 cookies to represent a cherry.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 16.40.24

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