The Best Bark


Chocolate is my favourite thing in the world and if you’re with me, you are going to love this super easy and delicious DIY. The best thing about chocolate bark is that you can do just about anything with it! Gift it to friends and family, chop it up just for yourself, decorate cakes or cupcakes with it – anything! Even if baking really isn’t your thing, anyone can whip up a quick chocolate bark because it is SO simple to make. We think it’s best to stick to recipes to begin with, but you can soon start branching out and creating your own unique flavours and styles.

Check out our favourite bark recipes below to get you started.

Want something totally crazy? Try this Circus Animal Bark 

Want something for a loved one? Try this Marbled Valentines Bark

Want something a little more sophisticated? Try this Pretzle and Strawberry Bark

Want something colourful? Try this Unicorn Candy Bark

Want something minimalist? Try this Colour Blocked Bark

So you see? the possibilities are completely endless and customisable!! When you start customising, we want to know about it! Please tag us in your pictures using the hashtag #simplestylishmakers so that we can be in on the fun :).

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