The Benefits of Scrubbing


Dust, dirt, smoke, smog; our bodies are exposed to a lot of rubbish throughout the day and in order to keep our skin looking fresh and beautiful we need to look after it and give it a little TLC in this modern (polluted) world. Scrubbing your body can remove the layer of dead skin cells which are holding onto the layers of grime, sweat and dead skin cells that have built up throughout the day. Scrubbing your skin with a loofa and soap will reveal fresh, clean and kissably soft skin.

So heres how you do it:

You can buy a loofa from any department store (or sign up to Simple Stylish Knitting to get the pattern for the one in the feature image which is amazing). When you take a shower, soap up your body, then wet your loofa and rub your body gently in circular motions. If you think your body needs something a little extra you can also use your loofa before you get into the shower to raise your heart rate, get your blood pumping and improve your circulation which will also help your skin to glow.

Make sure you clean your loofa throughly in between washes and there you have it! Super soft skin ;).

Happy relaxing! Alice x.

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