How To Style Movie Night


As the nights get darker and colder there’s more excuses to snuggle up at home instead, but hanging out at home all day and all night can get really dull. I like to make some nights extra special by setting up a fun movie night – and the best part is it’s way cheaper than going to the cinema!

// Choose your film(s) before sitting down to watch something; otherwise you’ll spend all night flicking through the options. Take it in turns to pick your favourite film and you could even have a list of films for future movie nights. If you can’t decide, pick names out of a hat for something unexpected.

// Arrange your sofa or chairs in front of the TV like a real cinema. We loved doing this when we were kids because pulling the sofa out of it’s usual place closer to the TV seemed like a really special treat. Get the footstools and blankets out too for real comfort! It does make you feel like you’re making a special effort.

// Turn off your phone like you would on a real trip to the cinema and ban any laptops and tablets too. This will help you relax and totally zone out for the evening.

// Whip up some fun movie snacks like hot dogs, nachos and popcorn. Making your own popcorn is really simple and you can add any toppings you want. My favourites are toffee sauce and mini meringues!

// Dim the lights, pop on a lamp or just turn them off completely for a classic cinema experience. You could even light some candles or string up some fairy lights for a little added atmosphere.

Why not try a movie night at home tonight? It’s better than heading to the cinema as you can snuggle up in your pyjamas too! Don’t forget to share your favourite movie night traditions with us on social media!

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