How To Style A Home Mini Bar


I’ve spend hours ogling the amazing bar carts and home bar ideas on Pinterest, but the sad fact is most homes don’t have the space for such a fancy and impractical area. Don’t worry though – I got you covered; Here are my top tips for how to style a home mini bar, for houses that don’t have tons of free space.

// Instead of a bar cart, try creating a much smaller space dedicated to your home bar. Try using a shelf to decorate up instead. I know the great thing about bar carts is that you can move them around, but you could get yourself a moveable shelf like these in-cupboard shelves from IKEA (search: VARIERA) to style up on the table when you’re loved ones come over.


// Less space means less variety of spirits, right? Well not necessarily! Miniature spirit bottles are really popular at the moment so you’ll almost certainly be able to get a mini version of your favourite tipple. You can keep the miniatures on display and have a larger version tucked away in the cupboard to serve you or your guests!

// Pretty up your bar shelf or area with some fun accessories. My home mini bar has a Mexicana theme so I have a stack of sombrero shot glasses on my shelf that I got as a gift. They’re fun enough to make a statement, but don’t take up too much room.

// If you have the space to put up multiple shelves you could theme each one by spirit – amongst your home mini bar you could have a super mini gin bar, vodka bar and cocktail bar on three separate shelves. Each one could contain a selection of different spirits with relevant accessories. Vintage teacups and gin make the perfect pairing!

// I don’t like to spend too much on glassware because they get broken so easily, but you can pick up fun and quirky glasses from IKEA, TK Maxx and Tiger Stores. Try shopping in the picnic section for some great funky glassware that’s also made of plastic – no breakages! Charity shops are an excellent way of building up your cocktail glass collection for less.

Don’t forget to share pictures of your home mini bars with us on social media and drink responsibly!

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