How to style: A Christmas Drink


Every year I like to get into the festive spirit and add a fun twist to a cocktail classic for Christmas. It’s a great way of getting all the family involved and you can even make a non-alcoholic version for the kiddies! Add a little mint flavouring to a milky concoction or a little spice to a more traditional mix.

In previous years I have served the cocktails in whatever spare vessel there was after setting the dinner table, but this year I wanted to step it up a notch and so I’ve added my own styled Christmas cocktail glasses to my cocktail kit.

The design is really simple and as I wanted something that would travel well as we hopped from one family gathering to another, I chose a to serve the drinks in jars. I actually just picked these little jars up from the local DIY shop instead of splashing out on any fancy ones made specifically for drinking. By adding a straw, it didn’t matter if the rims were too chunky to drink out of.

To add the festive feel I picked up some wooden snowflake decorations from online and sprayed them with a little glitter. I then threaded these onto some jewellery wire I had laying around, but you could use string, twine or elastic. Then these were wrapped around the lip of the jar.

The great thing about the wire meant that they glasses could be washed without taking the decoration off, as string or twine would get soggy!

Finish off with some fun candy canes and serve!

Make sure you take a picture of everyone gathered together with their cocktails… you’ll be able to treasure it for years to come and we’d love to see your finished Christmas cocktails so please do tag us on social media!!

Happy Christmas!

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