How to stay motivated for the year ahead



It’s a new year and you’re feeling motivated. You’ve got goals you want to achieve, you’ve even bought a new pair of running shoes and started the new exercise routine but how do you keep it up? How do you stay motivated for the year ahead?

It’s a very common problem keeping motivated in all walks of life. Sometimes you just have one of those days where it simply isn’t happening and you switch the alarm off and go back to bed.

As someone who wears lots of different hats in my line of work, it’s essential for me to stay organised and motivated but like anyone, I find it tricky sometimes. So, today I thought I’d jot down a few ideas on how to keep up the motivation throughout 2017.


Set realistic goals

It’s oh so easy to write down a to-do list but actually ticking tasks off is another matter entirely. Something to consider before writing your daily/monthly/yearly to-do list is how much time do you actually have in the day? For example, do you have other commitments? When is your free time? Don’t forget to factor in breakfast/lunch/dinner and the old element of surprise – broken boiler, burst pipe etc. These things can gobble up time, so set yourself realistic goals and you won’t be disappointed or put unnecessary pressure on yourself. If the boiler doesn’t break that day and you have more time on your hands to tick something else off the list, then it’s a bonus well earned!



Treating yourself to something as a reward for reaching your monthly target is a brilliant tool for motivating yourself throughout the month. Knowing there’s a prize at the end of the week/month/year is a simple but effective method for keeping yourself on track.


Share your wins

I’d be lost without my online mates. We regularly get together to share what we’ve been working on and the goals we’ve achieved that month. Sharing your wins is a sure-fire way to keep you motivated and winning at your goals. So, why don’t you and your mates set up a regular chat, either online or at a favourite coffee shop, to share how you’re all getting on with your monthly goals. Encouraging each other in this way really does help keep you on target.


Start a blog

I’ve read many an interview with bloggers who started their blog purely to record their journey about achieving a goal they’d set themselves. I think this is a wonderful way to keep yourself motivated by writing about it and sharing the progress with the whole world. It’s even lead some individuals to change careers as a result; now that would be a major win!


Do you have methods for keeping yourself motivated? I’d love to hear all about them, so do come and share them with me and the Simple Stylish Makes team on Twitter or Instagram.


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