The Similarities and Differences Between crochet and knitting


If you aren’t currently a Crocheter or Knitter, you might not know the difference between crochet and knitting, people new to craft often confuse the two, and that is completely understandable. There are many similarities between the two; both use yarn or fiber and you can make jumpers, wraps, scarves, blankets, hats with both, both knitters and crocheters work with patterns and both need the same sort of skills like hand eye coordination. So what is the difference between knitting and crochet? That is exactly what we are here to figure out!


Knitting and crochet require different tools, although both use similar materials. Knitters will use two pointed knitting needles, the size (or thickness) of the needles will depend on the yarn being used. These needles are used to move the yarn to create a series of stitches that together make a material. Crocheters will use a single hook tool which they will use to hook and weave a piece of yarn into a material. Again, the crochet hook can be thick or thin depending on the yarn and pattern.

Both Crochet hooks and  Knitting needles come in a variety of materials, from aluminum to bamboo.


Although both crochet and knitting will use the same yarn in places, very very thin thread can be used by crocheters with tiny crochet hooks to create beautiful lace. This is something that cannot be done by knitting.


There are important structural differences between crochet and knitted fabric. Both involve looping but with knitting the loops build on each other in a way that requires multiple ‘active’ loops to be held on the knitting needles. If a knitter were to drop a stitch, the whole column would unravel.

With crochet, there usually aren’t more than one active loop at any one time and the stitches build on top of each other.

Do you want to know which is easier? Well there really isn’t an answer to this question, if you ask ten different crafters, you will get ten different answers and all you can do is choose the craft that is right for you!

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