Seasonal Cooking: Winter

Seasonal cooking winter

The winter months bring some glorious different foods to cook with. I especially love all the bright colours and different textures of fruit and vegetables available. From the intense pink pomegranate to the big buds that is an artichoke and the incredible lemon coloured quince. It really is a stunning season for food.

But why is it good to eat seasonal food? Well, it enables us to support the local economy by eating food grown nearby, instead of food that’s travelled a long way. By cutting down on travel time, it also reduces the amount of energy and CO2 used to transport foods to the supermarket. Most importantly, however, those foods taste so much better because they are fresher and in season.

To help you get inspired with winter cooking, here are a few ideas.

Have a dinner party / invite your friends and family over and cook them a seasonal meal. By setting a date, you’ve got no excuse and will be so proud of yourself when you cook up a seasonal dish. You can even tell everyone a few facts about seasonal cooking.

Take an evening class / there are loads of cookery classes out there and after picking up a few new skills, you’ll be eager to try them out using all those seasonal foods

Start a Pinterest board / there is a wealth of information, blogs and websites out there all keen to inspire you. By starting a Pinterest board, you can keep all those ideas in one place. You could even have separate boards for different seasons and favourite recipes.

Learn how to photograph your food / we’re all at it, photographing what’s on our plate to share on Instagram but by learning how to photograph food, you’ll be more impressed by the colours and textures of all those wonderful, seasonal foods.


I hope this helps give you some ideas for getting inspired over seasonal cooking. Do you have any favourite dishes you’re cooking at the moment?





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