Seasonal Cooking: Autumn

Seasonal cooking - autumn

I love how a new season brings a whole different range of foods to the kitchen. It’s like having a new colour to paint with!

Autumn brings a wealth of glorious foods including, bright butternut squash and beetroot, sweet figs and raspberries, healthy kale and crunchy apples. It’s a delicious time of year!

But how do you eat seasonally?

Well, there is a wealth of knowledge online about what foods are in season. You can even pick up some really pretty prints and posters to pop on your kitchen wall to remind and inspire you.

Write those foods down before you go shopping, so that you know what to look for in the supermarket or at your local fruit and veg market. If you’re super organised you could plan your recipes in advance of going shopping, so that you know exactly what to buy.

Pick up a seasonal cook book to flick through with a cup of tea on a rainy Sunday. There are some wonderful cooks and chefs out there and their books can be a real inspiration, as well as giving you a bit more detail about each fruit or vegetable.

Growing your own food really helps you learn about the different seasons. It also makes you appreciate and admire each food individually, especially when you’ve picked that apple off the tree or pulled a carrot up and eaten it fresh. Cooking with your own grown food is a sure-fire way to inspire you to make it into a special dish to share with friends and family.

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