Recording Your Knitting Journey


When I first started knitting there was a lot of trial and error as I got to grips with casting on, stocking stitch, increasing and decreasing, needle sizes, tension and more. For me it was a whole new world of both knitting language and physically understanding how to hold my yarn and needles. It was a fun, crafty rollercoaster, which I’m still enjoying 6 years later and I’m chuffed that I decided to record the ride!

It was my knitting teacher who took a picture of my first project to share on her shop’s Facebook page and that totally planted a seed in my head. So, I started taking pictures of all my projects and I still do to this day.

It’s great looking back at what you made, the colour combinations you used and how your knitting has progressed. So, why not dust off that camera lens or get your phone out and snap up those first few knits. And don’t just end it there, get those photos printed off and put them in your very own knitting scrap book, with little notes to remind you of how your knitting journey began and maybe a strand or two of the yarn you used. So, go have fun with recording your knitting ride!

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