So, we’ve started something new, something that is SO much fun and something that we think you are going to LOVE. Every month everyone in the Simple Stylish Makes team is going to place a word into a hat. Then, just one word will be removed from the hat. We are then (as a team) going to find you a bunch of crafts that are about that word.

This month’s word was PINEAPPLE – arguably the king of fruits and extremely suitably summery. So give these pineapple crafts a try! Go one, why not actually throw a pineapple party?!

Have fun and let us know what you think of our new random word craft-up!!


Pineapple pompoms . Pineapple Ukulele . Pineapple Backpack . Pineapple Sugar Scrub . Pineapple Headphone Holder . Pineapple Doormat . Pineapple Book . Pineapple Boxes . Pineapple Favor Bags

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