Put a Spring In Your Step


We are well and truly on our way to summer and with the beautiful weather comes the need to get the florals out! My absolute favourite thing about DIYing and making is the chance it gives you to customize things so that you have something totally beautiful and unique to you. It feels great when someone says ‘I love your bag, where did you get it?’ and you can say ‘I made it’!

And here is one of the best and easiest Spring / Summer DIYs – floral laces. You will need some bias binding (note that this doesn’t have to be floral if you don’t want it to be) I got mine from Liberty, a hairpin and a pair of scissors.

  1. Take the original laces out of your shoes
  2. Use the laces to measure out the length of fabric you will need
  3. Cut your bias binding in half lengthwise
  4. Use your hairpin to weave your laces in the usual zig-zag

And there you go – brand new and completely personalised laces for any shoe!

Featured Image Via: Prima

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