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Porcelain Paint (1)

I have to disclose that I am something of a craft hoarder. I love discovering new supplies and buying items from the craft store that I know will come in useful some day. Porcelain paint is a craft supply that I have recently started using to customise items that I already own. It is a great paint for giving something plain a bit of interest or colour.

Porcelain paint is usually water based and can be used to decorate crockery – provided you find a food safe brand. Once a few coats have been painted on, you leave your item to dry for 24 hours, then bake in a low heat oven for around 35 minutes. This helps to cure the painted design onto the item. It comes in a ton of different colours, but I just love the gold paint with gloss finish!

Some of my favourite projects that I have made with porcelain paint are really simple. Take the striped vase for example, I taped off the areas I wanted to remain pink and painted a few coats of gold to build my design. The polka dot mug was really simple too. I used ring reinforcement stickers to create circles which I could paint. Once it was dry, I simply peeled them off to reveal the dot design. I especially think the mug will make a nice gift, so I plan on making more of these at Christmas time! Perhaps I’ll fill them with some hot chocolate supplies ☺

I think my next project with porcelain paint will be a plant pot. I actually made some pots on a throwing wheel a while back when I took a class at a pottery studio, so I have the perfect blank canvas in those!

What would you paint?

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