Pom Pom Gift Wrap


As trends change and colour palettes go in and out of fashion, I see the trends for Christmas change too. So today I wanted to share a non traditional gift wrap idea with you! I usually gift wrap all my presents in front of a Christmas film one evening with a festive drink and nibbles.

I usually favour for the brown paper and red ribbon style wrapping, but occasionally I wrap a gift for a friend who I know will appreciate something a bit different such as pom pom gift wrap!

There are lots of different ways to make pom poms these days. When I was a child we favoured the cardboard ‘donut’ technique. Later in life I discovered you can make small ones on a fork and now I’ve discovered pom pom makers. These tools are not expensive and speed up your pom pom making so much!

I made a fluffy pom pom using alpaca yarn (it’s so soft!) and then threaded a length of yarn through the pom pom in order to tie it around the gift box. A super easily solution to making a gift box look unique and little bit different for Christmas!


Do you have any gift wrap ideas you’d like to share with us?

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