Photographing your knitting projects


How are you all getting on out there learning to knit? Are you completely hooked and can think of nothing else? That’s certainly how I felt when I started to learn and I still do to this day. In fact, I could quite easily knit through the night if I didn’t have work to get up for the next morning!

Something I especially love doing when knitting is to take photos of the project from start to finish. I can then look back at what I created and also see how far I’ve come from my first few squares of stitches. It’s also fun sharing your pics with fellow knitters on line at #simplestylishknitting!

If you fancy taking some snaps but don’t know where to start, here are some of my top tips:

  • You don’t need a fancy camera, a basic digital camera or even your phone works a treat!
  • Take that photo in a room with plenty of light, the more light the better
  • Move other objects out the way, so that your photo isn’t too crowded.

390X390 (1)

  • To make the colour of your yarn stand out, use a plain and low-key background.
  • If your project is looking a bit flat or it needs propping up, simply use anything you can find in your house to prop it up with. Just remember to ensure it’s something small that can be hidden from your photo. Small stones or something similar in weight are quite good for holding your project in place while you take that perfect shot.

390X390 (2)

  • Think about the angle you’re taking your photo from. You could go for a bird’s-eye view point or get up front and personal by bringing your camera down to ground level or do a fun side shot.
  • Use the zoom option on your camera to get a lovely close up of your project.


  • If the family cat got in the way of that perfect shot, you can always edit him out using free online editing tools, such as PicMonkey but there are a whole load of editing tools out there. You might even have one on your computer.

I hope that helps and do come and share your photos on Twitter, we’d love to see them!

Happy snapping!

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