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Making pet themed craft projects is so much fun! It’s a little different to your usual makes and trust me, it’s addictive. Once you get started you’ll be wanting to make pet themed projects all the time! Here are four of my favourites that you can easily make at home.

Pet bedding

Cats and dogs love nothing more than snuggling down for their 10th nap of the day, so why not make them a cosy bed or corner for them to snooze in. You could choose some fun dog themed fabric and make your own dog basket. For a cat, I’ve seen a fun tutorial for taking one half of an old suitcase, painting it and putting a large, plump pillow in. You could add some extra touches to this by printing some cat shapes on to the suitcase and find some suitable cat themed fabric to make your own pillow case with.

Catnip toys

These are so much fun to make and are a great way to use up remnants of material. They’re also a wonderful beginner’s sewing project and are great fun for kids to make too. To make them simply draw a mouse on to your fabric twice, one for each side of the mouse. Sew right sides together with a 1cm seam allowance, leaving a 1 inch gap to turn out. Turn, press and fill with polyester toy stuffing, then sew the gap together. For the face, add two pink fabric triangles for the ears, hand stitch two eyes using black thread and sew on a piece of string for the tail and you’re done!


Those cats may look adorable but they don’t half love to scratch your favourite armchair, right? Making your own scratchpad is a great solution to encourage them to leave your sofa alone, well, we can only hope! All you need to do is wrap some thick cord or rope around a piece of wood, gluing the rope down as you go and leaving a 1.5 inch gap at the top. Drill two holes in the top of the wood, thread some cord or rope through and hang it up where your cat can reach for hours of entertainment.

Upcycled dog toys

We’ve all got an old pair of jeans that are past their best, so why not upcycle them to create a bone shaped toy for your dog to play with. Simply draw the shape of a bone on to your jeans twice. Cut out with 1cm seam allowance and sew right sides together, leaving a 1 inch gap. Turn out, press and fill with toy stuffing or scraps of fabric. Sew up the edge and voila, Fido has a brand new toy. You could make all sorts of shapes for your dog, so let your imagination run wild!

Have you made any pet themed craft projects or have you got any planned? Do come and tell all of us at Simple Stylish Makes what you been creating recently by using the hashtag #simplestylishmakes because we love to see your projects! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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