Paper Storage Ideas


As a multi crafter, I’m often finding myself with lots of supplies which all need different storage solutions. I have boxes for my paints, trolleys for my notebooks and stationery supplies, folders for my scrapbooking and ephemera, and baskets for my yarn. Craft storage is something I revisit and update as my supplies ebb and flow, especially when my favourite crafts change depending on the season.

At the moment, I am really into paper crafting and I spend a lot of time browsing the rainbow racks of coloured paper at my craft store. I like scrapbooking paper, textured paper, wrapping paper, wall paper – you name it! As my paper supplies are pretty varied in both type and size, I wanted to find some storage solutions that would be useful and accessible for regular use.


I use rolls of wrapping paper to cover books, for collage, to wrap gifts (of course) and even for making paper decorations. As the rolls are usually quite long, I like to store these upright in one of these great large paper bags. They are really sturdy and can hold so much paper, it’s also where I keep tissue paper and gift boxes too. These paper bags can be found online via places like Etsy, but it is also possible to DIY them using strong kraft paper from the hardware store and some glue.

The next item I use for paper storage is a rack which has been specifically designed for 12”x12” scrapbooking paper. Each shelf can be pulled forward to access the paper and it fits big scrapbooking paper pads really well! I also store A4 sheets of coloured card and paper here, as well as my glitter paper stash. It’s a pretty versatile way to store paper and card because it is all visible too. No more searching for that one sheet of coloured paper!

I have also seen lots of people using trays and trolleys for paper storage and I am always swooning over the large open trays used in craft shops and letter press/book binding studios!


Do you have any great ideas for paper storage?


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