Our blogger Claire shares her Scissor Collection

My Scissor Collection


As someone who has been crafting for years and years, I have built up quite a collection of supplies and tools. One of my favourite and most versatile tools are my scissors! I’m a multi crafter which means I have lots of different scissors for specific purposes. It is important to use the correct scissors for the medium you are working with. For example, using fabric scissors to cut paper will blunt them!




My collection includes a large gold pair of fabric scissors which I use mostly for cutting cotton fabrics and linen blends. I have a second pair of fabric scissors (not pictured) to cut glitter fabric as it is quite stiff and much thicker.


My paper scissors probably get used the most frequently, as I scrapbook and use them to create ephemera and journalling cards for my planner. Once again, a gold pair – what can I say, I love metallics!


The embroidery bird scissors are pretty and practical. I am currently working on some cross stitching projects, so I have these to hand a lot lately. They are also useful for snipping loose threads on clothing!


The black scissors are actually designed for pruning bonsai trees. I find that they make very good craft scissors too as they are very sharp. I tend to use these for cutting cord when making macrame jewellery.


Finally my folding scissors! They are so practical for travelling as I always like to take a craft project on my trips away. They come with a small box that keeps them safe and folded – so handy. Perfect for knitting and crochet I think.


I do have even more scissors in my collection including pinking shears and paper scissors that cut decorative edging. So many to choose from. What craft tools do you have plenty of?

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