My 5 Fave Flower-Grams


flower1When I am scrolling through my Instagram feed after a tricky and tiring day (or morning!!) at work, nothing makes me smile more than beautiful bright blooms. Peonies, Hydrangeas, Chrysanthemums, Roses, there is just something about seeing flowers on Instagram that instantly lightens my mood. So I thought I would spread a bit of Instagram-light in your direction and below are my five fave flower-power Instagram feeds.


Simone Gooch

Simone Gooch recently relocated to London after feeling like there was a gap in the market. Gooch has worked with brands such as Vogue, Christian Louboutin and Chanel and her Instagram account is as beautiful as it is relaxing.



Steph Turpin

If you like to see blooms in all of their beauty then head to Steph Turpin’s account. Turpin is a florist who specialises in weddings and functions and her Instagram is just stunning.



Amy Merrick

She is a floral designer, writer, teacher and stylist, Amy Merrick is based in New York but her Instagram feed will transport you from Tokyo to Paris in 10 seconds.



Ruby Barber

Based in Berlin, Ruby Barber runs an appointment-only flower and garden service, runs workshops and works with just about every and any plant out there (from cabbages to cacti).



Lisa Cooper

Lisa Cooper’s flower art is absolutely amazing. Her pictures are incredibly artistic and you will definitely loose a few hours running through her feed.


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