Make Your Own Washi Tape Page Markers


It’s no secret how much we love Washi tape here at Simple Stylish Makes. There are so many different ways to use all the gorgeous patterns and colours and these fun Washi tape page markers are my current favourite.


I got these colourful paperclips from Wilkinsons, but you could get some from most craft shops of even paint your own. I selected a handful of colours that complimented each other so I could mark the pages of my favourite craft and recipe books without having to fold the corners or risk bookmarks falling out.


Cut a small length of Washi tape and thread it through a paperclip, wrapping it around the long side and sticking it back on itself like a sandwich. Then take your scissors and carefully cut some cute flag shapes out of the tape, making sure you leave enough space for the flag to stick out of the edge of your book.

You’ll want a set of at least 6 for marking recipes or projects and you could make a fancy bookmark for your favourite read by using a larger paperclip and a number of different tapes alongside each other. Make up a set for a friend too for an easy and low cost handmade gift.


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