Knitted Yoga Socks


This pattern couldn’t be easier! Garter stitch is knitted in the round on a 23cm circular needle to create a ridged texture. At the halfway point, stitches are cast off and then cast back on again to create an opening for the heel. Whip up a pair for yourself in no time at all – this is a great TV knitting project!



1 Using a 4mm circular needle, 23cm long, or 4mm DPNs, and white, cast on 42 stitches for the cuff edge, using the thumb cast on method. This is a stretchy cast-on and will allow the sock to slip easily onto your foot.

2 Place a stitch marker on the right needle, and making sure no stitches are twisted, join for working in the round by purling the first stitch.

3 Now work in garter stitch – when working garter stitch in the round, you need to alternate purl and knit rounds. Purl the first round, and knit the second round.

4 Repeat these 2 rounds 16 more times to complete the cuff of the sock.


5 The heel opening is created on the next round. Round 35: Purl the first stitch, cast off 19 stitches purlwise, then purl to the end. You’ll have 23 stitches left on the needle.

6 Cut white and join in mint by knitting the first stitch of the next round. Tie the 2 tail ends in a knot to secure the yarn – you’ll untie them and weave the ends in later. Turn the knitting round, and cast on 19 stitches using the cable cast-on method. You’ll now have 42 stitches again.

7 Turn the knitting back round again, so the right side is facing, and rejoin in the round, then knit to the end with mint.

8 Continue with mint, and work in garter stitch again for the foot, by purling the first round, and knitting the second.


9 Repeat these 2 rounds (step 8) 16 more times to complete the foot section.

10 Knit the next round, then cast off all the stitches purlwise.

11 Now return to the colour change and untie the knot. Cross the tails, and weave them in to close up the hole at the join. Use a short length of yarn to close up any holes on the other side of the heel, if necessary. Weave in the yarn ends.


Now make another sock to match!


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