Knitted Interiors

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One of the main reasons I love craft so much is that it can help to personalise your home and add a unique twist to your living space that completely personifies you – you made it completely to your taste rather than buying something and thinking ‘well it’s nice but I would have liked a different green’.

My personal interior style could probably be best described as a blend of modern interior design ideas and homemade crafts, so I was absolutely thrilled to read that one of the top interior trends for 2017 is going to be knitted accessories!! The Simple Stylish Knitting course that I have been working through (all be it somewhat slower than I would have liked) has some brilliant knitted interior inspiration and patterns later on which I am really excited to get to.

A lot of people think that knitted accessories make a place look too cozy and warm to have in the summer but personally I think the light shade below and even the cushion in the picture above look perfect for Summer, Spring, Autumn and Winter!

I would absolutely love to see your crafty interior style – if you would like to share it with us then just tag us in a picture on Instagram and Facebook. We are going to be including the most inspirational pictures in our first newsletter which will be out soon!


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