How to use social media for Christmas shopping


Today I’m sharing some clever ways you can use social media to take the stress out of your Christmas shopping, all from the comfort of your armchair!


Get clever and search all social media platforms for gifts and designs that have just hit the shelves by using these great hashtags:








Put all your ideas in one place

When you start using those hashtags and find loads of gorgeous gifts, save them all to a specially created Pinterest board, so that you don’t forget them. If you’ve got a huge circle of friends and family, you could create a board for each person and remember to keep those boards private from any prying eyes.

Contact the seller for something personalised

Seen something lovely on Instagram by one of your favourite designer/makers, which would be perfect for your Mum in her favourite colour? Don’t by shy, contact the seller and ask if they can make that purse in a different colour.

Follow your favourite retailers for discounts

Don’t forget to follow your favourite brands and retailers on all social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram, to pick up special social media discount codes.

Have you got any great ways to take the hassle out of Christmas shopping?

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