How To Use Fabric & Yarn Scraps

Fabric scraps (1)

Do you find you end up with a tonne of fabric and yarn scraps when you’ve been working on a craft project?

I end up with piles of the stuff and I’m always looking for ways in which to use it, rather than throwing it away. So, today I thought I’d share some of those ideas for all you eco-conscious crafters out there!

Bird’s nest feeder / put all those scraps in a bird feeder. The birdies will pull the scraps out and use them to build a cosy nest.

Fabric jar bookends / pick up some chunky biscuit jars and fill them up with fabric. Use them as bookends or door stops.

Cushion and toy fillings / instead of buying toy stuffing to fill that latest pin cushion sewing project, why not fill it with those scraps instead!

Small sewing projects / use those little left-over pieces for small projects such as, key rings, book marks or hair bows.

Kid’s craft supplies / keep those colourful pieces for your kids to make a lovely picture with. Fabric and yarn sticks well to paper!

I hope this has inspired you to use those scraps!

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