How To Style Your Mobile Phone


This is a super fun styling idea to share with you because any opportunity I get to splash my personality over inanimate objects I absolutely take to the extreme!

So let’s talk cases. There are a tonne of awesomely designed phone cases out there for you and my absolute most favourite place to get anything like that from is Etsy ( as the designs are so much cooler than from the high street, plus you get to support an independent designer too. If you can’t find something that suits your style or if you have a specific idea of what you want, you could even design a case yourself like I did. I used Awesome Merchandise ( for mine and it was really easy to order. The best part was that it was only £15 for a custom designed case, perhaps even cheaper than some of the ready made ones!

Once you’ve chosen your case and your expensive new best friend is nicely protected from all of us clumsy fools, you can move on to accessories. I’m a big techie person so I love picking out technology for my phone. I’ve got these great headphones from Skull Candy (, which look huge but they actually fold up really small to pop in your bag and are so much more comfortable for my ears than in ear headphones. Skull Candy have a colour and style for every aspect of your personality!


I also love my camera remote for my iPhone ( which works in the same way as a remote for your DSLR camera, except it also comes with a handy stand that fits in your headphone jack, allowing you to prop up your phone and improve your selfie game ten fold! There are some incredible accessories for mobile phone photographers and you can even get a whole range of lenses and filters for your camera phone (
If you enjoyed this, let us know. I have loads of ideas to share with you from pimping out your camera collection to showing your personality through your work uniform! Also don’t forget to share your styled up phones with us on social media.

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