How To Style Burger & Fries


10As tasty and fun as it is to have burger and fries for a treat, they can look a little uninspiring on your plate – the beige of your bread bun, the beige of your fries, not to mention really unhealthy! Here are my best tips for dressing up your burgers to look fun and inviting – this works great for takeaway burgers too!

// Add a little fun twist by dressing up your favourite burger in an American diner style. I bought these cute plastic food-serving baskets from our local Aldi, but you will be able to pick them up all over, especially if you search for them online. Line them with some napkins or you could even get your hands on some burger wrapping paper like they have in diners or fast food restaurants.

// Throw in some greens to give a natural, healthy feel to your burger. This could be lettuce, sure, but you could also go more adventurous and try jalapenos or avocado to give that lovely pop of green. Choose some other fun vegetables for extra colour too like tomatoes or sweet peppers.


// Swap out your standard fries for some bright orange sweet potatoes fries or even change them for okra fries if you’re feeling super healthy!

// Mix up your standard cheese slice for some gooey brie or a spicy Mexican cheddar. Swap out your standard ketchup for some more unusual condiments such as spicy sriracha or even a pesto sauce.

// Add a milkshake or fruit smoothie in a glass milk bottle or jar to really soak up the diner experience. You can get some many fun patterned and colourful straws to pop in there too.

Enjoy on a bar stool while listening to your favourite record for the full effect! Don’t forget to share your pictures with us on social media!


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