How To Style A Summer Drink

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There’s nothing more refreshing on a scorching day than a vibrant Summer drink… and I’m sure pretty straws and fancy cocktails stirrers add to the thirst quenching appeal!

For my Summer Juice I’ve used a simple fruit cordial/squash (peach is my juice of choice today!) made up with water, but instead of using ice to keep it cool I’ve added some chunks of frozen pineapple, strawberry and kiwi for added colour pops and taste.

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These fancy cocktail glasses were really cheap from BHS last summer, but if you can’t find any you could always try painting your own. The fun cocktails stirrers really add a fun touch and the colourful straws are just from the local supermarket – everyone is picking up on these candy coloured, diner style straws so you can get them all over these days.

Who says cocktail accessories are only for happy hour? Throw them in with your juice for an equally happy afternoon drinking soft drinks, even if you’re just working in the office!

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