How To Make A Rubber Stamp


Making your own stamps is massively rewarding, so much fun and adds a personal touch to cards, wrapping paper, business cards and just about anything else. If this is your first stamp carving experience know that you will get better with practice and that it isn’t mega easy but once you’ve got it you can start making more and more intricate designs!

So to make your own rubber stamp here is what you will need:

  • Rubber carving block
  • Tracing paper
  • X-acto knife
  • Pencil
  • Carving tool

If you need any of the materials you can probably find them in your local craft store or over on pretty easily.

Firstly you will need to draw your design (the simpler your design, the easier it will be to carve) on tracing paper using pencil.

Place your design pencil side down on your rubber block and rub your design outlines onto the block (I use a coin to do this but you can use just about anything).

Lift your tracing paper and you will see your design on the rubber!

Take your x-acto knife and carefully cut your stamp out. Make sure you leave a boarder but know that anything you leave around the edges will need to be carved out.

Grab your carving tool! Your tool should come with a couple of different heads and the wider the head, the less precise and thicker your line will be so make sure you chose a the best tool for your stamp. I like to use the thinnest tool (for the outlines) and one of the middle-fat ones (for the blank spaces).

Now start carving! Use your thin carving head to carve around all of the outlines of your design. Take your time and try to keep your hand steady so that your lines are smooth.

Once all of the details are carved out, take the bigger carving head and carve out everything you would like to be ‘white space’ when you stamp.

And you’re done!! Use any ink pad you have and get to work testing out your new stamp.

Happy stamping!

Alice x.

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