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Would you like to have a go at drawing or would you like a few pointers on where to start? Well, here are a few top tips from artist, Rowena Payne, to get you started.



Graphite pencils are easiest, HB through to 9B. HB is the pencil we all know and love and then the grades get softer from B, 2B, all the way through to 9B.

You can draw with a biro if you want but of course cannot easily rub out mistakes.


Sketch pads

A5 is a good size for your handbag or pocket and A4 is perfect for class or at home. Choose a medium weight paper i.e. 110-200 gms and a spiral backed pad.


Practice makes perfect!

Try drawing every day if possible for just 10mins.

The absolute key to drawing is looking, really looking. See exercise below about drawing your hand.

Draw things around you, such as a mug, teacup, bowl, fruit, boxes, chairs, tables, windows.

Try lightly sketching a faint outline which can be adjusted, then when satisfied with that, use a softer heavier pencil to define your drawing.


Draw your hand

Draw your hand open, closed, as a fist etc.

Start by not looking at your paper. With pencil on the paper, constantly look at your hand and draw. This is where it is a good idea to have a sketch pad as you can rely on it staying put!

Draw only for a couple of minutes at first to get accustomed to just looking at your hand. You will be amazed at what you end up with. Try drawing far bigger than life size, and fill your sheet of paper. You may want A3 size paper when you’ve been drawing a while!

Try also drawing with your non dominant hand, so right handlers use left etc. This makes you really, really look.



You’re allowed to use a rubber, and a putty rubber is best, available from all good art retailers.

Try an exercise where you don’t use your rubber and just draw over your mistakes when adjusting; you’ll be surprised how interesting the marks are!


I hope these tips encourage you to get drawing! Don’t forget to share you creations over on Twitter and Instagram, using the hashtag #simplestylishmakers




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