The health benefits of knitting


As well as knitting being a brilliant craft for making practical and fun items, it also has incredible health benefits. That’s right, knitting works wonders for your brain and mood. Here are just a few of those beneficial health effects.

Meditation and relaxation

A bit like meditation, the repetitive motion of knitting can help you relax, breathe steadily and completely zone out. This further leads to a reduction in your heart rate and blood pressure, which is good for those suffering from depression or anxiety.

Self esteem boost

Seeing that finished project is a great boost for your self esteem and confidence. All your friends and family will be so impressed when you show them your latest finished project.

Exercise for the brain

Knitting is like exercise for the brain. Counting up stitches and following a pattern stimulates your brain, helps reduce memory loss, improves attention span and apparently helps slow down cognitive decline.

Social activity

There are loads of great knitting groups you can join where you can knit with like-minded people. These groups are always so welcoming and end up with lots of chatting, giggling and drinking of tea. They’re a great way to get some social contact if you suffer from loneliness, live on your own or are new to a city.

Do you find knitting or other crafts help you relax? What is your go-to craft for relaxing? Come and tell us on Twitter and Instagram.

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