Handmade Christmas – gift wrap and labels

Xmas - gift wrap and labels (1)

There are loads of great present wrapping ideas out there and for me, deciding how to wrap a present is as much fun as making or buying the gift itself! If you’ve never made your own wrapping paper or added a bit of bling to some plain gift wrap, then I encourage you to give it a go. It can be really simple and fun or you can completely go to town with it.

Here are some my favourite ideas for making your own gift wrap and labels.


Recycle / cut up old Christmas cards and re-use as labels. Great one to do with kids too, while munching on some warm mince pies.

Pretty card / make a star or Christmas tree template. Draw around it on to some pretty, floral card. Cut it out, make a little hole at the top and thread some twine through and ta-da, you have a handmade label!

Pen and ink / There are loads of gorgeous ink pens out there, so why not try your hand at drawing on to some colourful paper to create a mini masterpiece. The only danger with this is that you might not want to give it away afterwards!

Gift wrap:

Buttons and twine / Thread a button or two on to some twine in a complimentary colour. Wrap around your present, attaching your handmade label as you go and you have yourself one cute looking gift!

Stamps / Print a pattern on to brown parcel paper with stamps. You could use all sorts of stamps for this, from the traditional shape cut out of a potato to using your hand covered in paint (great one for the kids!) to buying a box of assorted stamps with fun logos on.

Paper doilies / Glue pretty doilies on to plain paper for a gorgeous, vintage look!

I hope this has inspired you to make your own gift wrap and labels this year!

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