Hand Lettering: Online resources


Hand lettering is one of the biggest craft trends of the moment and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be going anywhere anytime soon! So we have scoured the world wide web, looking for online resources for you – whether you are a keen beginner or a well-seasoned pen-wielder.

Find out exactly what hand lettering is and learn the very basic beginnings from Pretty Prints and Papers. This site is mostly geared up for hand lettering for/in bullet journals.

Alisa Burke is a wonderful letterer who shares her knowledge of the lettering world with short articles for beginners to follow and learn more about the world of lettering!

We all know that social media is an excellent resource for crafters and people like she&she are putting very basic hand lettering instructions up on Instagram! Search through the gram to find what you want.

If you actually want to fake calligraphy rather than just hand lettering, why not go for something more like Doodle Craft Blog, who show you exactly how to dip into faux calligraphy!

Enjoying hand lettering? Tell us and show us your own creations over on the Simple Stylish Makes Instagram by using the #simplestylishmakers.

Image from: type.gang

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