Haberdashery corner: Needle Magnet

Needle magnet 2

Have you heard of a needle magnet? It’s a little magnet, usually attached to a cute charm or button, that you can place your sewing or embroidery needle on mid project. It ensures you never lose that needle! I have a super cute one from the Sew Crafty Sewing Centre and I would be lost without it!

You can easily make your own. Simply buy two strong, thin magnets and sandwich them together in two pieces of felt, stitching around the edge to secure them in place. You could cut the felt into the shape of a little bird and embroider some little wings on to make it extra cute!

To be super organised, glue or stitch your magnet holder to your needle case, so that you can easily find it.

Did you know that needles come in different lengths, thickness, point shape and the needle eye size? Getting the right size needle for a specific project will make all the difference.

Generally, you want the needle to be smaller enough to go through the fabric without stretching it but strong enough not to bend. Make sure the eye is bigger enough for the thread or yarn to go through.

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