Embroidery Threads


In my handmade business I use a lot of embroidery thread, so I thought I’d share a little bit about it and some fun uses for it too.

Embroidery threads come in a whole range of colours and gorgeous multi-colours too. It’s available in cotton, silk and wool. And, if you want to be extra geeky about it, cotton embroidery thread is also available as stranded or perle cotton.

Stranded cotton is just like yarn. It comes in skeins, which simply means it is made up of six separate, fine threads. These threads can be split to create a thicker or thinner look, depending on what you’re trying to embroider.

Perle cotton cannot be separated and is very tightly twisted, so it creates a much more textured look than stranded cotton. It also comes in various sizes.

As well as embroidery, threads can be used for all sorts of things. Here are some of my favourites:

  • Jewellery: friendship bracelets are so much fun and don’t just stop there, you can even wrap threads tightly together to make beads, which can be used for necklaces and earrings too.
  • Dreamcatcher: cross over different coloured threads in an embroidery hoop to create a fun dreamcatcher and use it to hold your jewellery on too!
  • Pimp those summer sandals: wrap embroidery thread around some gladiator or t-bar sandals to revitalise them. You could use one colour to match that favourite dress or create a colourful pattern to stand out against those cut-off jeans for a fun festival look!
  • Tassels: embroidery thread is perfect to create these with. A neon tassel looks great hung from a necklace or tied on to twine to create some fun, summer bunting.
  • Pom-poms: there are so many fun ways to use pom-poms, such as making fun mobiles for a child’s room; adding them to your rucksack to glam it up; or even gluing them on to the end of a pencil to liven up that stationery!

I hope this has inspired you to have fun with embroidery thread and do share your makes over on Twitter!

Feature Image from: Brynn&Co

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