Gifts for Glitter Lovers


Christmas is the time for all things sparkly and twinkly. I turn into a bit of a magpie when I go Christmas shopping, seeking out all the shiny things to gift or decorate my home with. Even though we have a tinsel ban in our house (I just don’t like the stuff!) I do still like to surround myself with glitter.

If you have a glitter loving friend to buy for this Christmas, there are so many options. Glitter accessories, decorations, clothing and even candles! I’m really looking forward to spreading the Christmas glitter love this season! Here are my top gifts for glitter lovers or for yourself if like me, you’re a sparkle fan!

Mermaid Glitter Pouch – Pup Tart

Glitter Travel Card Wallet – OhNoRachio

Glitter and Marbled Paper Chains – Pup Tart

Silver Twine and Washi Tape – Unwrap Colour

Novelty Glitter Clutch Bags – Luna On The Moon

Glitter Phone Cases – Iridesce By Mischa

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