Gardening jobs for February



With spring just around the corner, there are lots of jobs you can be doing in the garden this month. Here are some key gardening jobs for February.


Now is the time to prune any winter flowers that are at the end of their season and have stopped flowering. Pruning encourages growth and stops plants from becoming too leggy. As well as pruning you can also start planting flowers such as lilies, azaleas, alliums and roses. February is also the key month to dig up and divide snowdrops throughout the garden.


If you haven’t already, start refreshing your seed collection for the year ahead. Look through your current supply first and make a list of what you’ve run out of. While you’re at it, check for any old seeds that are past their best. If you’re looking to grow something new this year, seed catalogues are a great place to start; they’re packed with inspiration for wonderful plants you may not have considered growing before.


Now that you’ve got your seeds ordered, this is the time to start preparing the vegetable patch. Dig it over, remove any weeds, start adding compost or manure, then cover the patch to keep it warm and dry ready for all those seeds you will be planting in early spring.  If you’re keen to start growing vegetables, now is the ideal time to start chitting potatoes and planting leeks and onions; just make sure you do so in a frost free place or keep them covered until the last frosts have gone.

Odd jobs

Before spring arrives, there are a few jobs you can do to prepare for a busy planting season. Remove any dead grass from the lawn, clean out tubs and pots and trim back hedges before birds start making their nests. Whilst you’re at it, don’t forget to keep those bird feeders topped up and ensure their water supply hasn’t frozen over. Birds are still on the lookout for food, so keeping their food regularly replenished and making some fat balls to hang from a tree or popping in a feeder will certainly help them out.

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