Gardening Corner: Spring Flowers


Gardening corner - spring flowers (2)

With spring here, it’s time to get gardening and there are lots of lovely flowers you can grow now. Here are some of my favourites:

Gladioli / Super pretty and available in a range of gorgeous colours, these can be planted straight out in the garden or in tubs in April and they will be ready to bloom in the summer. They need plenty of water, so don’t forget to get the watering can on them.

Foxgloves / These should only be planted after the first frost has passed, so usually some time in May. They are great flowers to cut and pop in a vase, so perfect for a spring/summer party. They’re also bee friendly too. If you plant them next to some pretty Borage, the bees will be in heaven.

Grape Hyacinth / I adore these flowers. The intense purple colour is incredible and the shape of the flowers resembles a bunch of grapes. Beware they do spread but that’s great if you want an area covered in flowers.

Tulips / One of my favourite flowers, they come in a range of colours, adding such vibrancy to any garden. As soon as you purchase tulip bulbs be sure to plant them straight away in a sunny area, sheltered from the wind.


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